The LUCS Stereo Head was constructed by Christian Balkenius and Lars Kopp during 1995 and was our first active stereo vision system. The LUCS Stereo Head uses three interacting behaviors to detect and track moving targets.

  • The orienting system reacts to visual motion in the periphery and generates an orienting saccade toward the movement.
  • The saccade system generates fast movement of the cameras that jumps directly towards the location of the target.
  • The smooth pursuit system tracks moving targets while they are in the central, focal, area of the visual field.


  • Ultra Small (< 13x6x10 cm)
  • Ultra Cheap (< 5000 SEK < 1000$)
  • Four Degrees of Freedom (Pan, Tilt, Vergence x 2)
  • Stereo Vision
  • Standard Video Output
  • RS232 Interface