PhilipXThe 2016 recipients of the Robert J. Glushko Prizes for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations/theses in Cognitive Science are:
• Lang Chen, University of Wisconsin – Madison. PhD thesis: “White matter connectivity explains category-specific brain activation and impairment: A neurocomputational model of semantic cognition”.
• Isabelle Dautriche, University of Paris Descartes and Ecole Normale Supérieure. PhD thesis: “Weaving an ambiguous lexicon”.
• Jan Engelmann, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. PhD thesis: “An empirical investigation of the evolutionary and ontogenetic roots of trust”.
Philip Pärnamets, Lund University. PhD thesis: “Observing and influencing preferences in real time”.
• Andrew Saxe, Stanford University. PhD thesis: “Deep linear neural networks: A theory of learning in the brain and mind”.

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