The Choice Blindness lab at Lund University Cognitive Science, Sweden, is advertising a 4-year Phd position focusing on self-knowledge and decision making.

We are looking to fill a Phd position located within the project “What Can We Know About Ourselves? A Large Scale Effort to Investigate Introspection and Confabulation” funded by the Swedish Research Council. The focus of the project and the Phd position is choice blindness, self-knowledge and preference formation in decision making.

The research would take place in collaboration with the members of the Choice Blindness Lab, led by Petter Johansson and Lars Hall. Information about the research group.

The position requires strong documented competence in experimental psychology: designing, programming and running experiments, statistical analysis and modelling, as well as writing and presenting empirical research. In addition, previous work experimentally studying self-knowledge, confabulation or preference formation is an advantage.

Admission requirements
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