ETG – Master’s Courses

Master Courses in Advanced Interaction – Educational Technology, Virtual Reality & Robotics

We give two project oriented master level courses with advanced interaction as the central theme. Given the specific project, students can focus on educational technology, virtual reality, virtual humans, virtual agents, cognitive robotics, cognitive modelling & neuro-modelling.
The courses are given at LUCS for Master’s students in Cognitive Science together with Engineering programme students in Information & Communication Technology and Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering. During autumn 2012 they received attention in the local media for their way of fuzing thinking with doing. The idea is that the projects conducted within the courses will benefit from the collaboration of students with a more theoretical background and students with a more applied or technical background. The courses are also preparatory for working in real world projects, where people from different disciplines and with different expertise are supposed to collaborate towards a joint goal.

• Project videos – coming soon
• Selected course papers (anthology)
• Published Course Projects:
– Anikin, A., Nirme, J., Alomari, S., Bonnevier, J., & Haake, M. (2015). Compensation for a large gesture-speech asynchrony in instructional videos. Paper presented at The Fourth Edition of Gesture and Speech in Interaction (GESPIN 4), Nantes, France. Paper (PDF)
– Lingonblad, M., Londos, L., Nilsson, A., Boman, E., Nirme, J., & Haake, M. (2015). Virtual blindness – a choice blindness experiment with a virtual experimenter. In W.-P. Brinkman, J. Broekens, & D. Heylen (Eds.), LNCS: Vol. 9238. Proc. of IVA 2015 (pp. 442-451). Berlin/Heidelberg, DE: Springer-Verlag. Paper (PDF)

• News article: SDS, 2012-12-18 (in Swedish)!
• Project videos
• Course papers (anthology)
• Published Course Projects:
– Axelsson, A., Anderberg, E., & Haake, M. (2013). Can preschoolers profit from a teachable agent based play-and-learn game in mathematics? In H.C. Lane, K. Yacef, J. Mostow, & P. Pavlik (Eds.), LNCS: Vol. 7926. Proc. of AIED 2013 (pp. 289-298). Berlin/Heidelberg, DE: Springer-Verlag. Paper (PDF)
– Clausen-Bruun, M., Ek, T., & Haake, M. (2013). Size certainly matters – at least if you are a gesticulating digital character: The impact of gesture amplitude on addressees’ information uptake. In R. Aylett, B. Krenn, C. Pelachaud, & H. Shimodaira (Eds.), LNCS: Vol. 8108. Proc. of IVA 2013 (pp. 446-447). Berlin/Heidelberg, DE: Springer-Verlag. Poster (PDF)