LUCS Robotic Group investigates various cognitive abilities using computational models and robots. By building robots that mimics the cognitive processes in humans or animals, we learn about the problems that the biological cognitive systems have to solve while simultaneously testing if the models work in practice.

Haptics in Robot Hands

Haptics is the ability to recognize objects by touch. The Robotics Group have built a number of artificial hands to examine what is required of a robot hand to use haptics. We also test different models based on artificial neural networks of how the brain processes haptic information.


Another research area is anticipation – the ability to predict what will happen in the future and react to it. In robot experiments and computer simulations we investigate how a robot can imagine what other robots do, and how this can be used to choose appropriate behaviors. We also develop methods that robots can use to compensate for delays in the system. For example, a robot must compensate for the time it takes for it to perceive the world.

Computer Simulations of the Brain

To understand how different parts of the brain works, we build models that can be simulated in computers or used to control robots. Our goal is to construct a large scale model of the brain that can be used to control a robot. We are particularly interested in learning, motivation and emotions and their role in cognition and have also constructed models of how cortex develops and process information.


We also develop tools that can be used to build models of the brain. Ikaros is an infrastructure for simulation of brain models have been developed by the robotics group. The system runs on most computer platforms and can simulate parts of the brain and various cognitive experiments. Ikaros can also be used to control robots.

Robot Haute Couture

We are also looking at Robot Haute Couture.


The builder robot

Builder Robot

A special robot used within the European project Goal-Leaders. The task for the robot is to stack building blocks.

Epi: A Humanoid Robot


Robot for study many different aspects of cognition.



Small and cute robots used for anticipatory behaviours and for playing children’s games.

The LUCS Robotic Kit

LUCS Robot Kit

A simple but powerful robot kit for students interested in robotics.


In LUCS Robotics Group, we have built robots since 1992. Most of these are still available but most of them are no longer in use. The picture below shows some of these earlier robots.

LUCSOR 2 Snatte Stereo Head 2 Doug Stereo Head 1 POLUCS LUCSOR BERRY IV RobotZero


For more information about the robotics group, contact:

Christian Balkenius. E-mail: (brain modeling).
Birger Johansson. E-mail: (anticipation in robots).
Magnus Johnsson. E-mail: (robot haptics).