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The facilities

The Corvid Cognition Research Station is situated in Brunnslöv, 35 kilometres from Lund. It consists of three aviaries, connected via a runway, and two experiment rooms. The interconnected aviaries are 175, 65 and 130 square metres, which makes a total of ca 400 m2 including the runway.
In immediate connection to one of the aviaries there is a small cabin for observational studies, meetings and overnight stays.

We are grateful to Erik Philip Sörensons Foundation, Carl Tryggers Foundation, The Krapperup Foundation, and The Lars Hierta Memorial Foundation for funding the construction of our facilities.

The latest part (center of the photo below), an aviary of ca 65 square metres connecting the two bigger aviaries, was finished winter 2015.

The animals

At the moment the aviaries house six ravens, born 2011, 2013 and 2014. All ravens, apart from one, are handraised from the age of 2 – 4 weeks. We are grateful to Spånga Naturbruksgymnasium, who let us adopt three chicks from their captive raven couple, and Raymond Klaassen, who climbed a lot of trees to find us the wild born nestlings.


Top-ranked male and partner with Juno. Born in 2011.
Second male in command from Revinge, born in 2011. Green ring.
Top ranked female, partner with Siden. Orange ring.
High ranked female, partner with Rickard. Born 2011.
Parent raised by Siden and Juno. Born in 2012.Picture coming soon.
Middle ranked female from Brunnslöv, born in 2014.Picture coming soon.