We investigate how variations in robot embodiment influence the reception of a robot. Our idea is to create an haute-couture collection of cloths for Epi and to test human reactions to different designs.

We address questions about possible robot participation in society, forms and shapes that the robot can take and gender ascription. Our creations avoid moral judgements, and only aim at awaking reflection.

Despite the fact that we are facing today an increasingly growing participation of robots in our society, little is known about the way in which robots will integrate. The main theoretical objective of this project is to provide an insight into this situation. The artist-in-residence in the Robot Lab contributes to a radically new perspective to how design software and hardware aspect of robots. A planned art exhibition will open up a provocative space for the larger public, forcing people to reflect on future society, how they want this society to look, what  they can do about it.


Artist-in-residence Paula Quinon

Conceptual director Christian Balkenius

Hardware designer Birger Johansson