Common Belief and Common Knowledge

Georg Meggle

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Keywords: Common Belief, Common Knowledge, Mutual Belief, Mutual Knowledge, Subjective Facts, Intersubjective Facts.

: Though concepts of Common Belief and Common Knowledge are of utmost importance for all (investigations of) interpersonal relations, they are nearly nowhere defined explicitly. Here they are. But, as a first step, only within the socalled additive approach, i.e., by taking some concepts of (for sake of simplicity: strong and strictly lrational) single-person-relative beliefs as their basis. The resulting concepts of Common Belief and Common Knowledge are (proved to be) regulated by nearly the same logical principles as are the individualistc Belief- and Knowledge-concepts. This makes working with these concepts quite easy. Finally, the weaker concepts of Mutual Belief and Knowledge will be defined and compared with Common Belief and Knowledge.

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Georg Meggle

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Dedicated to Peter Gärdenfors on His Fiftieth Birthday