A Logic for Changing Beliefs with Applications to Reasoning About Choice and Games

Arnis Vilks

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Keywords: Epistemic logic, Belief sets, Self-knowledge, Backwards induction.

: We suggest a belief set semantics for an epistemic logic with a sequence of belief operators. A model for the language includes a distinct belief set for each point of time, and satisfies "p is believed at t" iff p belongs to the t-th belief set. By imposing certain conditions on the admissible models we arrive at a logic which resembles the normal modal system K45, but does not require that introspection and knowledge generalization are instantanuous. We apply the logic to the problem of self-knowledge of one's options and rationality, and to an analysis of the backward-induction argument.

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Arnis Vilks, vilks@microec.hhl.de
Handelshochschule Leipzig
Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Jahnallee 59, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

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