Partial Logic and the Dynamics of Epistemic States

Francois Lepage
Serge Lapierre

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Keywords: Epistemic states, Partial logic, Saturated sets.

: In this paper, we put forward what we call the Principle of Cautiousness for revised belief states : If an agent believes that A implies B on the sole basis that he believes B (i. e. he does not believe not A), then if he ceases to believe B, he ceases to believe that A implies B. We then introduce a system of partial propositional logic and show that if we represent epistemic states as deductively closed disjunctively saturated sets of propositions, then the principle is satisfied. Comparison is made with AGM system.

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Francois Lepage,
University of Montreal  

Serge Lapierre
College de Bois-de-Boulogne

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