Belief Change for Introspective Agents

Sten Lindström and Wlodek Rabinowicz

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Keywords: Agent, Alchourrón, Belief, Change, Doxastic, Dynamic, Epistemic, Gärdenfors, Introspective, Logic, Makinson, Theory, Segerberg.

: We discuss various possibilities for developing a dynamic doxastic logic (DDL) for introspective agents: agents who have the ability to form higher-order beliefs. Such agents can reflect upon and change their minds about their own beliefs. The project of constructing such a logic, full DDL or DDL unlimited, is ridden with difficulties due to the fact that the agent's own doxastic state now becomes a part of the reality he is trying to explore. When an introspective agent learns more about the world (and himself), the reality he holds beliefs about undergoes a change in its doxastic part, which means that his introspective beliefs have to be adjusted accordingly.

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Sten Lindström,
Depatment of Philosophy and Linguistics, Umea University, Sweden

Wlodek Rabinowicz,
Department of Philosophy, Lund University, Sweden

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