Dynamics of Belief and its Logic

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Belief Revision: A Critique
Nir Friedman, Joseph Y. Halpern

Disbelief Change
Anna Gomolinska, David Pearce

Partial Logic and the Dynamics of
Epistemic States
Francois Lepage, Serge Lapierre

Are Full Beliefs an
Abstraction from Credal States?
Isaac Levi

Belief Change for Introspective Agents
Sten Lindström, Wlodek Rabinowicz

Belief Revision and Truthlikeness
Ilka Niiniluoto

Recovering From Tennant's
Attack on Recovery
Erik J. Olsson

A Sequent Formulation of
Conditional Logic Based on
Belief Change Operations
Peter Roeper

Two Dogmas of Belief Revison
Hans Rott

Ranking Functions, AGM Style
Wolfgang Spohn

A Note on Prototype Revision
Renata Wassermann, Eduardo Fermé

JZBR - Iterated Belief Change for
Conditional Ranking Constraints:
An early report
Emil Weydert

Aesthetics and the Explication of Surprise
Mary-Anne Williams

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