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Electronic Essays Dedicated to
Peter Gärdenfors on His Fiftieth Birthday

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This collection of philosophical essays is dedicated to Peter Gärdenfors on his 50th birthday. They are written by his colleagues and friends from near and far. Peter's philosophical achievements range through a wide spectrum of subjects - he has made significant contributions to decision theory, philosophy of science, dynamic epistemology, semantics and cognitive science. The papers in this miscellany reflect both the impact of his work and his personal popularity.

A Web page is not the traditional form for a Festschrift. In this case, however, an electronic homage is especially fitting. Peter's long-standing interest in communication and information technology - in Knowledge in Flux - invites a response in kind! Apart from other considerations, one of the advantages of a Web page is its flexibility. The authors of the contributions are welcome to send in revisions ex post, if they prefer, and also new contributions are welcome. This way we can have a Festschrift that continues to live its own life, long after Peter's birthday. 

The essays in the Festschrift were collected by Peter's friends at the Department of Philosophy, Lund University. As is only fitting, Peter's group of students have skilfully managed the technical side of the editing process. Special thanks to Nils Hulth, David de Léon, and Annika Wallin. His son Simon Gärdenfors is responsible for the elegant illustrations that adorn the site.

Happy Birthday, Peter! And so say all of us; authors, editors, colleagues and other friends.

Sören Halldén, Bengt Hansson,
Wlodek Rabinowicz, Nils-Eric Sahlin

Spinning Ideas, Electronic Essays
Dedicated to Peter Gärdenfors on His Fiftieth Birthday