CCL-funding x 3

By 21 - Published 20 March 2018

Birger Johansson, Christian Balkenius och Magnus Haake have each received project fundings by the CCL Linnaeus program (Thinking in Time: Cognition, Communication and Learning). Projects Birger Johansson: Adjustable pupil size on a robot Christian Balkenius: Automatic movement analysis during social Interaction: A vision-based approach Magnus Haake: Virtual Experiments – Real Results About CCL The research environment Thinking in Time: Cognition, Communication and Learning (CCL) is a multidisciplinary and cross-faculty research environment, focusing on the role of timing in cognitive function. The CCL research environment is funded by the Swedish Research Council as one of the Linnaeus programmes. Link: CCLAll projects will be presented on the CCL Day, May 3rd, 2018, Biskopshuset, Biskopsgatan 1, Lund