LUCS (Lund University Cognitive Studies)

A numbered series of publications published at LUCS


186Kallioinen, P. (2024). Children’s brainwaves in semantic processing, auditory discrimination and selective attention – in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing and Typically Hearing populations.PDF


185Johansson, B., Gulz, A., Haake, M., Wallergård, M., Nirme, J., Ternblad, E.-M., & Tärning, B. (Eds.). (2023). Intelligent, socially oriented technology VI: Projects by teams of master level students in cognitive science and engineering [Course anthology].PDF


184Zeiträg, C. (2022). The evolution of social cognition in Archosauria: Gaze following and play as windows to social cognition in dinosaurs [Doctoral thesis].PDF
183Tjøstheim, Trond A. (2022). Contours of Cognition [Doctoral thesis].PDF


182Ingvarsdóttir, K. (2021). Material perception and action: The role of material properties in object handling [Doctoral thesis].PDF
181Holsanova, H. (2021). Audio Description of Art: The Role of Mental Imagery and Embodiment [Paper].PDF
180Johansson, B., Gulz, A., Haake, M., Wallergård, M., Alce, G., Niehorster, D., Nirme, J., Ternblad, EM., & Tärning, B. (Eds.) (2021). Intelligent, socially oriented technology V: Projects by teams of master level students in cognitive science and engineering. [Course anthology].PDF


179Strandberg, T. (2020). The malleability of political attitudes: Choice blindness, confabulation and attitude change [Doctoral thesis].PDF
178Anikin, A. (2020). Human nonverbal vocalizations [Doctoral Thesis].PDF
177Nirme, J. (2020). Understanding virtual speakers [Doctoral Thesis].PDF
176Nirme, J., Fredriksson, O., Haake, M., & Gulz, A. (2020). Exploring students’ approach to factual texts in different presentation media [Research paper].PDF


175Wallergård, M., Haake, M., Balkenius, C., & Gulz, A. (Eds.). (2019). Intelligent, socially oriented technology IV: Projects by teams of master level students in cognitive science and engineering [Course Anthology].PDF
174Bobrowicz, K. (2019). Memory for problem solving: Comparative studies in attention, working and long-term memory [Doctoral thesis].PDF


173Gärdenfors, P. (2018). Uncertain utilities, belief dynamics and the endowment effect [Working Paper].PDF
172Gharaee, Z. (2018). Action in mind: A neural network approach to action recognition and segmentation [Doctoral thesis].PDF
171Tärning, B. (2018). Design of teachable agents and feedback in educational software: Focusing on low-performing students and students with low self-efficacy [Doctoral thesis].PDF
170Oliva, M. (2018). Attention and learning through the eyes of the emotional brain [Doctoral thesis].PDF


169Kabadayi, C. (2017). Planning and inhibition in corvids [Doctoral thesis].PDF
168Balkenius, C., Gulz, A., Haake, M., & Wallergård, M. (Eds.). (2017). Intelligent, socially oriented technology III: Projects by teams of master level students in cognitive science and engineering [Course anthology].PDF
167Jacobs, I. (2017). On the origins of physical cognition in corvids [Doctoral thesis].PDF


166Holsanova, J., Wadensjö, C., & Andrén, A. (Eds.). (2016). Syntolkning – forskning och praktik [Anthology].PDF


165Harvard Maare, Å. (2015). Designing for peer learning : Mathematics, Games and Peer Groups in Leisure-time Centers [Doctoral thesis].PDF
164Sjödén, B. (2015). What makes good educational software? [Doctoral thesis].PDF
163Bååth, R. (2015). An investigation into the perception of slow rythms [Doctoral thesis].PDF
162Balkenius, c., Gulz, A., Haake, M., & Wallergård, M. (Eds.). (2015). Intelligent, socially oriented technology II: Projects by teams of master level students in cognitive science and engineering [Course anthology].PDF
161Pärnamets, P. (2015). A fixation dependent model of charitable choice [Research paper].PDF
160Pärnamets, P. (2015). Observing and manipulating preferences in real time [Doctoral thesis].PDF
159Gidlöf, K. (2015). Visual attention during decision-making in natural environments [Doctoral thesis].PDF


158Lind, A. (2014). Semantic self-monitoring in speech. Using real-time speech exchange to investigate the use of auditory feedback for self-comprehension [Doctoral thesis].PDF
157Kabadayi, C., Petersson, L., Osvath, M., & Petersson, P. (2014). Associative brain regions are relatively enlarged in rook (Corvus Frugilegus) [Research paper].PDF


156Storm, T., Engberg, M. & Balkenius, C. (2013). Amygdala activity and flashbacks in PTSD – a review [Review paper].PDF
155Johansson, R. (2013). Tracking the mind’s eye: Eye movements during mental imagery and memory retrieval [Doctoral thesis].PDF
154Balkenius, C., Gulz, A., Haake, M. & Johansson, B. (2013). Intelligent, socially oriented technology: Projects by teams of master level students in cognitive science and engineering [Course anthology].PDF


152Andersson, R. (2012). Language and Vision: Using visual information in real-world language situations [Doctoral thesis].PDF
151Andersson, R., Bååth, R. & Sikström, S. (2012). Visually mediated valence effects in dialogue: An explorative study [Research paper].PDF


150Lindström, P. (2011). Understanding as experiencing a pattern [Doctoral thesis].PDF


149Johansson, B., Sahin, E. & Balkenius, C. (2010). Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics: Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems [Proceedings].PDF
148Osvath, M. (2010). Planning primates. A search for episodic foresight [Doctoral thesis].PDF
147Törnlund, N. (2010). En primat på rymmen [Poem].PDF


146Cañamero, L., Oudeyer, PY. & Balkenius, C. (2009). Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics: Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems [Proceedings].PDF
145Larsson, M. (2009). Learning systems thinking. The role of semiotic and cognitive resources [Doctoral thesis].PDF
144Kollmorgen, S., & Holmqvist, K. (2009). Automatically detecting reading in eye tracking data [Research paper].PDF
143Bredefeldt, M. (2009). Livet som figur: Om självbiografiskt minne och metaforer [Doctoral thesis].PDF
142Johansson, B. (2008). Anticipation and attention in robot control [Doctoral thesis].PDF


141Johnsson, M. (2008). Sense of touch in robots [Doctoral thesis].PDF
140Hemeren, P. E. (2008). Mind in action: Representation and the perception of biological motion [Doctoral thesis].PDF
139Schlesinger, M., Berthouze, L., & Balkenius, C. (2008). Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics: Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems [Proceedings].PDF
138Diderichsen, P. (2008). One of a kind: The processing of indefinite one-anaphora in spoken Danish [Doctoral thesis].PDF


137Gulz, A., Haake, M., & Tärning, B. (2007). Visual gender and its motivational and cognitive effects – a user study [Research paper].PDF
136Persson, T. (2007). Pictorial primates: A search for iconic abilities in great apes [Doctoral thesis].PDF
135Berthouze, L., et al (2007). Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics: Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems [Proceedings].PDF
134Björne, P. (2007). A possible world: Autism from practice to theory [Doctoral thesis].PDF
133Balkenius, C., Moren, J., & Johansson, B. (2007). System-level cognitive modeling with Ikaros [Research paper].PDF


132Diderichsen, P. (2006). Augmented communication: The communicative potential of the internet [Paper].PDF
131Lindström, P. (2006). Understanding is identifying a structure [Paper].PDF
130Johansson, P. (2006). Choice blindness [Doctoral thesis].PDF
129Månsson, J. (2006). Perceptual surface reconstruction [TYPE].PDF
128Kaplan, F., Oudeyer, PY., Revel, A., Gaussier, P., Nadel, J., Berthouze, #., Kozima, H., Prince, C. G., & Balkenius, C. (2006). Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Epigenetic Robotics: Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems [Proceedings].PDF


127Holmqvist, K., & Wartenberg, C. (2005). The role of local design factors for newspaper reading behaviour-an eye-tracking perspective [TYPE].PDF
126Wartenberg, C., & Holmqvist, K. (2005). Daily newspaper layout-designer’s prediction of readers visual behaviour-a case study [TYPE].PDF
125Holsánová, J., Holmberg, N., & Holmqvist, K. (2005). Tracing intergration of text and pictures in newspaper reading [TYPE].PDF
124ESPP 2005 (2005). Conference abstracts [TYPE].PDF
123Berthouze, L., Kaplan, F., Kozima, H., Yano, Y., Konczak, J., Metta, G., Nadel, J., Sandini, G., Stojanov, G., & Balkenius, C. (2005). Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Epigenetic Robotics: Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems [Proceedings].PDF
122Osvath, M., & Gärdenfors, P. (2005). Oldowan culture and the evolution of anticipatory cognition [TYPE].PDF
121Zlatev, J., Persson, T., & Gärdenfors, P. (2005). Bodily mimesis as “the missing link” in human cognitive evolution [TYPE].PDF


118Gustafsson, M. (2004). Making agents less annoying: Towards an animated agent that responds to social cues [TYPE].PDF
117Berthouze, L., et al. (Eds.). (2004). Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Epigenetic Robotics [Proceedings].PDF
116Sandberg, A. (2004). Computational memory models [TYPE].PDF
115Harvard, Å. (2004). Lek, lärande och motorik. En delrapport till “The Learning Brain, the Learning Individual, the Learning Organisation” [TYPE].PDF


114Tebelius, A. (2003). Fonologiskt och semantiskt minne av bilder och ord – en dyslexistudie [TYPE].PDF
113Hall, L. (2003). A ubiquitous computing perspective [TYPE].PDF
112Olsson, A. (2003). Emotion and motivation in learning: Current research, future directions, and practical implications [TYPE].PDF
111Hall, L., & Johansson, P. (2003). Self-regulation in education: A ubiquitus computing perspective [TYPE].PDF
110Hall, L., & Johansson, P. (2003). Neurofeedback and meta-cognition [TYPE].PDF
109Bredefeldt Öhman, M. (2003). Livet som figur – om självbiografiskt minne [TYPE].PDF
108Hall, L., & Johansson, P. (2003). On the role of brain-imaging in the calibration of mental strategies [TYPE].PDF
107Hall, L., & Johansson, P. (2003). Introspection and extrospection: Some notes on the contextual nature of self-knowledge [TYPE].PDF
106Bengtsson, D. (2003). The nature of explanation in a theory of consciousness [TYPE].PDF
105De Léon, D. (2003). Artefactual intelligence: The development and use of cognitively congenial artefacts [TYPE].PDF
104De Léon, D. (2003). Actions, artefacts and cognition: An ethnography of cooking [TYPE].PDF
103De Léon, D. (2003). The cognitive biographies of things [TYPE].PDF
102Gulz, A. (2003). Thinking styles and socially enriched learning material: Differential effects on motivation and memory performance [TYPE].PDF
101Prince, C. G., et al. (Eds.). (2003). Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Epigenetic Robotics [Proceedings].PDF
100Kopp, L. (2003). Natural vision for artificial systems: Active vision and thought [Doctoral thesis].PDF
099Wallin, A. (2003). Explaining everyday problem solving [Doctoral thesis].PDF
098Balkenius, C., Johansson, A. J., & Balkenius, A. (2003). Color constancy in visual scene perception [TYPE].PDF


097Månsson, J. (2002). The uniqueness constraint revisited: A symmetric near-far inhibitory mechanism producing ordered binocular matches [TYPE].PDF
096Johansson, P. (2002). The new contenders: On how to model the mind [TYPE].PDF
095Hall, L., De Léon, D., & Johansson, P. (2002). The future of self-control: Distributed motivation and momputer-mediated extrospection [TYPE].PDF
094Prince, C. G., et al. (Eds.). (2002). Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Epigenetic Robotics [Proceedings].PDF
093Morén, J. (2002). Emotion and learning – a computational model of the amygdala [Doctoral thesis].PDF
092Gärdenfors, P. (2002). Att skapa gemensamma visioner: Om språkets roll i människans utveckling [TYPE].PDF
091Gärdenfors, P. (2002). Cooperation and the evolution of symbolic communication [TYPE].PDF
090Johannesson, M. (2002). Geometric models of similarity [Doctoral thesis].PDF


089Kopp, L., & Gärdenfors, P. (2001). Attention as a minimal criterion of intentionality in robots [TYPE].PDF
088Brinck, I., & Gärdenfors, P. (2001). Co-operation and communication in apes and humans [TYPE].PDF
087Johannesson, M. (2001). The problem of combining integral and separable dimensions [TYPE].PDF
086Arras, KO., et al. (Eds.). (2001). Proceedings of the 4th European Workshop on Advanced Mobile Robots (Eurobot’01) [Proceedings].PDF
085Balkenius, C., et al. (Eds.). (2001). Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Epigenetic Robotics [Proceedings].PDF
084Diderichsen, P. (2001). Visual fixations, Attentional detection and syntactic perspective [TYPE].PDF


083Holsánová, J. (2000). Picture viewing and picture description: Two windows on the mind [Doctoral thesis].PDF
082Brinck, I. (2000). Attention and the evolution of intentional communication [TYPE].PDF


081Månsson, J. (1999). Occluding contours: A computational model of suppressive mechanisms in human contour perception [TYPE].PDF
080Gander, P. (1999). Two myths about immersion in new storytelling media [TYPE].PDF
079Zlatev, J. (1999). The epigenesis of meaning in human beings, and possibly in robots [TYPE].PDF


078Holsánová, J. (1998). På tal om bilder [Licentiate thesis].PDF
077Brinck, I., & Gärdenfors, P. (1998). Representation and self-awareness in intentional agents [TYPE].PDF
076Gärdenfors, P. (1998). Concept combination: A geometrical model [TYPE].PDF
075Gedenryd, H. (1998). How designers work: Making sense of authentic cognitive activities [Doctoral thesis].PDF
074Hulth, N., & Grenholm, P. (1998). A distributed clustering algorithm [TYPE].PDF
073Winter, S. (1998). Introduktion till avhandlingen “Expectations and Linguistic Meaning” [TYPE].PDF
071Winter, S. (1998). Expectations and Linguistic Meaning [TYPE].PDF
070Holmqvist, K., & Gullberg, M. (1998). Focus on gesture [TYPE].PDF
069Winter, S., & Gärdenfors, P. (1998). Evolving social constraints on individual conceptual representations [TYPE].PDF
066Winter, S. (1998). Evolution, categorization and values [TYPE].PDF
065Winter, S. (1998). Dialogue dynamics, violin strings, and the pragmatics-semantics continuum [TYPE].PDF
064Månsson, J. (1998). Stereovision: A model of human stereopsis [TYPE].PDF
062Balkenius, C., & J. Morén (1998). Computational models of classical conditioning: A comparative study [TYPE].PDF


060De Léon, D., & Holsánová, J. (1997). Revealing user behaviour on the world-wide web [TYPE].PDF
059Gärdenfors, P. (1997). Media och berättande [TYPE].PDF
058De Léon, D. (1997). The qualities of qualia [TYPE].PDF
057Pallbo, R. (1997). Mind in motion: The utilization of noise in the cognitive process [TYPE].PDF
056Garbis, C. (1997). Spatial representation and haptic mental rotation [TYPE].PDF
055Johannesson, M. (1997). Modelling asymmetric similarity with prominence [TYPE].PDF
054Wallin, A. (1997). Shaky constructions [TYPE].PDF
053Gärdenfors, P. (1997). Att tala med maskinerna [TYPE].PDF
052Balkenius, C., & S.Winter (1997). Explorations in synthetic pragmatics [TYPE].PDF


051Gärdenfors, P. (1996). När tanken lyfter [TYPE].PDF
050Holmqvist, K., & Holsánová, J. (1996). Focus movements and the internal images of spoken discourse [TYPE].PDF
049Holmqvist, K., & Holsánová, J. (1996). “Jag längtar efter svensk kvalité och tänkande…”: Hur vi använder kategoriseringar i samtalet [TYPE].PDF
048Winter, S. (1996). Vad är pragmatik, egentligen? [TYPE].PDF
047Balkenius, C., & Kopp, L. (1996). The XT-1 vision architecture [TYPE].PDF
046Winter, S. (1996). Det självklara behöver inte sägas [TYPE].PDF
045Johannesson, M. (1996). Obtaining psychological spaces with MDS [TYPE].PDF
044Winter, S. (1996). Anticipation and violin strings [TYPE].PDF


043Gärdenfors, P. (1995). Human communication: What happens? [TYPE].PDF
042De Léon, D. (1995). The limits of thought and the mind-body problem [TYPE].PDF
041Gärdenfors, P. (1995). Language and the evolution of cognition [TYPE].PDF
040Gärdenfors, P. (1995). Meanings as conceptual structures [TYPE].PDF
039Holmqvist, K., & Pluciennik, J. (1995). Conceptualised deviations from expected normalities [TYPE].PDF
038Gärdenfors, P. (1995). Cued and detached representations in animal cognition [TYPE].PDF
037Balkenius, C. (1995). Natural intelligence in artificial creatures [Doctoral thesis].PDF


036Olsson, E. (1994). Can information theory help us remove outdated beliefs? [TYPE].PDF
035Winter, S., & Gärdenfors, P. (1994). Linguistic modality as expressions of social power [TYPE].PDF
034Pallbo, R. (1994). Mind as evolution and evolution as such [TYPE].PDF
033Winter, S. (1994). Förväntningar och kognitionsforskning [TYPE].PDF
032Kopp, L. (1994). A neural network for spatial relations: Connecting visual scenes to linguistic descriptions [TYPE].PDF
031Broström, S. (1994). The role of metaphor in cognitive semantics [TYPE].PDF
030Balkenius, C. (1994). Biological learning and artificial intelligence [TYPE].PDF
029Balkenius, C. (1994). Natural intelligence for autonomous agents [TYPE].PDF
028Holmqvist, K. (1994). Conceptual engineering I: From morphemes to valence relations [TYPE].PDF
027Andersson, T. (1994). Conceptual polemics: Dialectic studies of concept formation [TYPE].PDF
026Gärdenfors, P., & Holmqvist, K. (1994). Concept formation in dimensional spaces [TYPE].PDF
025Gärdenfors, P. (1994). Kategorisk perception i vetenskapen [TYPE].PDF


024Pallbo, R. (1993). Ontogenesis in neural networks [TYPE].PDF
023Gedenryd, H. (1993). Managing complexity by supporting knowledge growth in design and development projects [TYPE].PDF
022Gedenryd, H. (1993). Active perception and the “Resonance Metaphor” [TYPE].PDF
021Gärdenfors, P. (1993). The role of expectations in reasoning [TYPE].PDF
020Andersson, T. (1993). Metaphorical reasoning and real prototypes: Empirical studies of metaphors and prototypes of forest [TYPE].PDF
019Andersson, T. (1993). Real forests in our minds: Metaphors and prototypes in discourse [TYPE].PDF
018Gärdenfors, P., & Balkenius, C. (1993). Varför finns det inga riktiga robotar? [TYPE].PDF
017Holmqvist, K. (1993). Implementing cognitive semantics: Image schemata, valence accommodation valence suggestions for AI and computational linguistics [Doctoral thesis].PDF
016de Lucs, G. (1993). There are no meaningless sentences [TYPE].PDF


015Gärdenfors, P. (1992). How logic emerges from the dynamics of information [TYPE].PDF
014Balkenius, C. (1992). Neural mechanisms for self-organization of emergent schemata, dynamical schema processing, and semantic constraint satisfaction [TYPE].PDF
013Pallbo, R. (1992). Neuronal selectivity without intermediate cells [TYPE].PDF
012P. Davidsson (1992). Concept acquisition by autonomous agents: Cognitive modeling versus the engineering approach [TYPE].PDF
011Gärdenfors, P., & Rott, H. (1992). Belief revision [TYPE].PDF
010Hemeren, P. (1992). Frequency norms for actions in Swedish and American samples [TYPE].PDF
009Gärdenfors, P. (1992). Three levels of inductive inference [TYPE].PDF
008Andersson, T. (1992). The dynamics of metaphor conflicting images of forest in swedish discourse [TYPE].PDF
007Gulz, A. (1992). Conceptions of anger and grief in the Japanese, Swedish and American cultures: The role of metaphor in conceptual processes [Research paper].PDF
006Andersson, T. (1992). Views on nature in metaphorical discourse [TYPE].PDF


005Gärdenfors, P. (1991). The emergence of meaning [TYPE].PDF
004Andersson, T. (1991). Metaphorical indices presenting context in discourse through metaphorical expressions [TYPE].PDF
003Balkenius, C., & Gärdenfors, P. (1991). Nonmonotonic inferences in neural networks [Research paper].PDF
002Gulz, A. (1991). The planning of action as a cognitive and biological phenomenon [Doctoral thesis].PDF
001Molin, T. (1991). Tractatus de ratione circumscripta – rationality for finite agents [TYPE].PDF

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