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What is Cognitive Science?

The main concern of cognitive science is the construction of models of human thinking – models which detail the processes intervening between environmental stimuli and behaviour. A shared assumption is that the mind is representational in nature and that cognitive processes can be described in terms of their function, without reference to a neural substrate. During the 1960’s and 70’s, cognitive science emerged from the neighbouring fields of linguistics, psychology, computer science, philosophy, neuroscience and anthropology, as a multidisciplinary effort centred around a number of common problems and the computer as a research tool. In cognitive science, the computer has been used in order to simulate cognitive processes. Today, the area still borrows from its neighbouring disciplines, but generally takes a broader perspective on cognition, and uses a wider range of methodologies.

LUCS – Lund University Cognitive Science

LUCS (Lund University Cognitive Science) was founded in 1988 by professor Peter Gärdenfors and is one of three divisions at the Dept. of Philosophy. Presently, LUCS houses a lively group of senior researchers, post-docs, and PhD students. The varied and dynamic research is also reflected in our students who come from a number of different areas to enroll in our undergraduate and graduate courses and the 2-year master’s program.

Seminars in Cognitive Science!

LUCS also features weekly seminars that are open to the interested public.
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Photo taken at Arild during the LUCS 2023 retreat, April 17-18.
From left to right: Trond Arild Tjøstheim, Alexander Tagesson, Jakob Stenseke, Birger Johansson, Ivo Jacobs, Maybí Morell Ruiz, Betty Tärning, Agneta Gulz, Eva Sjöstrand (front), Mathias Osvath (back), Magnus Haake (middle), Peter Gärdenfors (front), Can Kabadayi (back), Tomas Persson, Simon Grendeus (back), Annika Wallin (front), Helena Osvath, Petter Johansson (front), Eva-Maria Ternblad (middle), Thibault Boehly (back), Samantha Stedtler, Andrey Anikin, Amandus Krantz, Matthew Tompkins (front), Gabriel Vogel, Lona Lalić, Lisa-Marie Kießling, Christian Balkenius (standing), Lars Hall.

Helgonavägen 3
223 62, Lund
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Guidance counselor
Eva Sjöstrand
Wednesdays 10:00-12:00
…or by appointment
 +46 46 – 222 09 23

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