Decision Making

About Decision making in natural environments

We are particularly interested in decisions as they unfold in real life messy environments. We thus have a focus on the process of decision making (using, among other techniques, eye tracking), on complex choice sets, and situations decision makers have some familiarity with.


Decision processes are to a large extent shaped by the features of the choice situation. If you only have two options to choose between, these will, by necessity be the only ones that require your attention. When choosing among the abundance of options found in, for instance, a supermarket, the need to quickly dismiss parts of the available options – or to quickly identify the most relevant parts of the choice set become necessary.

Many important decisions are made in settings decision makers have some familiarity with. These are decisions made in everyday life, or in their employment. It is reasonable to assume that we, when we have the chance, to, fine-tune the way regularly occurring decisions are made.


If we want to support, or improve decisions, this is most reasonably done in the settings in which they matter the most, or the settings in which they are regularly done.

Decision making in professional contexts

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Decision making in everyday life situations

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Ongoing process tracing research

Decision Making

The research in Decision Making addresses how everyday cognition, on a higher level such as problem solving and decision making, should be understood – both from a theoretical and a descriptive perspective.

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