Doctoral studentship in cognitive zoology

By 9 - Published 17 September 2012

Apply now for a PhD student position at LUCS. Deadline 15/10 2012.

Lund University invites applications for the following doctoral studentship with a starting date of 1 January 2013

At the Department of Philosophy:

1 doctoral studentship in Cognitive Science specialising in Cognitive Zoology The studentship is incorporated in the project “Ingredients of complex social cognition”, financed in part by the Crafoord Foundation. The project involves studies of the social cognition of ravens and great apes. Comparison is made between the different animals’ fundamental cognitive mechanisms in social situations, with a view to expanding the understanding of convergent or parallel evolution of advanced social cognition. New measuring technologies for the study of animal cognition will be developed within the project, such as eye-tracking and thermal imaging. However, the focus will be on methodological and epistemological development of the cognitive comparison of distantly related species. The successful applicant will be expected to contribute to all aspects of the project as a part of his or her studies. Last date for applications: 15 oct 2012 Full information here: PDF (In Swedish: PDF)