Ravens parallel great apes in flexible planning for tool-use and bartering

By 21 - Published 13 September 2017

Can Kabadayi and Mathias Osvath in Science 14 Jul 2017: Ravens parallel great apes in flexible planning for tool-use and bartering.
The research in short Ravens can plan for the future, an ability that has generally been considered unique to humans. Studies in the past 10 years have suggested that apes are also able to make such plans. These studies, however, have been questioned in that planning in foraging and natural tasks is not the same as more general planning. In these new studies, ravens have been tested with tasks designed to specifically assess their general planning abilities. The results confirm their forward-planning abilities and the ravens performed at least as well as apes and small children in this complex cognitive task. ► Populärvetenskaplig sammanställning av nyheten
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