KOGP13, 7.5 credits

Interested in the cognition of animals? Curious about the evolution of human thinking? Want to conduct studies at a primate- or corvid research station?

Maybe you should take our course in Animal cognition: Thinking from an Evolutionary and Comparative Perspective!

The course introduces important aspects of the zoological study of cognition, i.e. knowledge and research about other biological information- and knowledge systems than humans, in particular nonhuman primates and corvid birds. The course also discusses what can be learnt by comparing the cognition of different species and the common pitfalls in conclusions that this can entail.

An understanding of evolution and evolutionary processes is central to cognitive zoology and the course addresses the foundations for an evolutionary approach to cognition. Focus is put on the interaction of environmental and biological factors in development, not only of species but also of individuals.

Comparative methods are presented from the perspective of historical animal studies and from different types of experimental designs. Because of its central standing in cognitive animal research the course also addresses contemporary learning theory and how it is used in the field.

The course includes field work at Lund University Primate Research Station Furuvik and at the Lund University Corvid Cognition Station.
Note! The course is currently given only in Swedish.

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Course coordinator: christian.balkenius@lucs.lu.se

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