“Att individanpassa utbildningen” :: Webinar hosted by itslearning.

By 21 - Published 20 September 2014

The 5th of September, Agneta Gulz from The Educational Technology Group held a webinar (hosted by itslearning) where she talked about her research on personalized and inclusive education. According to the Swedish Education Act, every student has the right to support and challenges tailored to their individual ability. It is also stressed that all students should have a sense of belongingness to the group (class/school). The teacher must consequently engage in a personalized as well as inclusive education. This is a very difficult equation to solve for a teacher with 20 to 30 individuals in every class. There is simply not time enough. • Watch the webinar at itslearning-Youtube [LINK] —————————————————————————————————————————————————